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The perfect look every time, without the planet taking a hit!

Launched in January 2015 in Marie’s basement, Coucou’s aim was to promote an alternative consumption of fashion. Coucou quickly became a huge success and Marie was joined by Isabelle to officially launch the business in 2017.
Coucou offers evening wear rental for women. With nearly 800 outfits, along with a range of accessories (for sale and for rent), Coucou is a real alternative to buying outfits that are often only worn for a few occasions. The outfits offered for rent are themselves second-hand. Coucou also uses an ecological dry cleaning service and washes as much as possible with water (even more ecological than dry cleaning) to clean the outfits between two rentals and has a person in its team who repairs and retouches damaged clothes, when possible. When the clothes can no longer be rented, they are offered for clearance. Coucou also offers cosmetics and jewellery for sale. These are produced by small local and ethical designers.

The team has a 120m² shop in Ixelles (Place du Châtelain) and also offers an e-shop for accessories since the covid health crisis. For rentals, customers come to the showroom to try on and reserve a garment on the date of the event. They receive personalised advice from the lookees (saleswomen and advisers). They then collect their reservation on the day and return it to the showroom on the following Monday.

The company won the BeCircular award in 2017 and is part of many networks (Cluster circlemade, Réseau Entreprendre BXL, Réseau Hors Normes).


Societal impact

Coucou’s activity contributes to goal 12 “Responsible consumption and production” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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