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See details in the e-mail of 23/02/2023.
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EVAZION offers a network of exclusive locations for nomadic travellers (in vans and tents), as well as routes, tips and local experiences.

EVAZION finds exceptional private locations and makes agreements with the landowners, who give them the right to use the land. Only travellers who have signed the EVAZION charter will be allowed access. The number of vehicles is limited to 3 per property and for a maximum of 3 nights. The owners receive 50% of the rental price.

EVAZION wants to create the first community of nomadic caretakers of natural areas who take care of the land. The community of travellers shares similar values: authenticity, serenity, humanity. EVAZION wants to encourage travellers to move from spectator to actor, from consumer to guardian. With this in mind, EVAZION relies on its travellers to also expand its network of locations and open new regions.

To develop its community, EVAZION aims to create a cooperative of owners and to create a currency specific to its community, to reward the involvement of travellers and share the value generated.

Initially, EVAZION is launching a test phase in the summer of 2022 by offering 3 travel packages in Brittany. Places are limited to 50 trips. If this phase is conclusive, EVAZION will duplicate the model to other European destinations and will develop a mobile application that will allow to book places (without having to book entire trips).


Societal impact

EVAZION’s activity contributes to the objectives 12 “Responsible consumption and production” (12.8.b) and 15 “Land life” (15.1) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


EVAZION in the pressLa libre, Trends Tendance, L’Avenir, DH, La Première.


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