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Hooba is the story of two brothers from Brussels, Serge and Adrien, who are passionate about cycling and are confronted every day with the issue of mobility to get to work.

Hooba wants to be the preferred partner of local communities to provide them with soft mobility solutions in Europe with the aim of contributing to the decongestion of cities by promoting the use of more environmentally friendly means of transport.

In concrete terms, each company or local community offers its employees and members a number of electric bikes, scooters and utility bikes (cargo bikes, etc.). Via a dedicated application, employees can reserve an electric bike or scooter and ride it a few minutes later from the garage of the company where they work. Employees do not pay for this service, which is paid for by the employer.

Hooba takes care of the rental, repair, management and sharing system (via a mobile application and connected locks). Companies and local authorities decide on the extent of use by its users (e.g. type and time of journeys).

Currently, Hooba has about 30 bikes for rent from a few operational customers (Befimmo, Port of Brussels, Cofinimmo). By the end of 2022, the objective is to have 60 bicycles for hire. In the short term (2025), Hooba wants to cover the Brussels region in terms of companies and business parks.

In the medium term (2027), Hooba aims to have 1,500 vehicles in circulation throughout Belgium, with a turnover of €2.1 million. Hooba would target companies, but also residential buildings, cities and campuses, and leisure activities.

Societal impact
Hooba’s activity contributes to goal 11 “Sustainable cities and communities” (11.2) and goal 13 “Action on climate change” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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