New project to discover!


Hyppy was created following a conversation between a Dad and his 10 year old daughter:

“You see Dad, what would be nice would be to solve several problems at once: fight against global warming, improve air quality, have less traffic jams and engine noise in Brussels, reintroduce nature in the city and slow down our pace, make children want to go to school while improving their health, and then also make life easier for parents (and especially those who are alone with their children!).

-Are you dreaming, sweetheart? And why not also create quality jobs that are accessible, formative and meaningful while you’re at it?

– Well, yes, actually. That’s precisely my question: Why not? “

Some research on the internet led to the discovery that school bus transport by horse-drawn carriage was already practiced in France. A technical feasibility study carried out by the ASBL Meneurs (consultants in Hippomobility) showed that this was possible in Forest.

Hyppy’s core business is to contribute to the protection of the living world through active school mobility for children and support for parents by offering them a free school pick-up service in a horse-drawn carriage once every fortnight.

The principle is to make access to the carriage conditional on a commitment by each child (and his or her parents) to go to school on each of the other days either on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. In this way, a horse-drawn carriage can shift between 100 and 150 families to ecomobility.

At the same time, Hyppy aims to offer multiple urban hippomobility services for a fee, with the aim of teaching the protection of living beings through cooperation between humans and horses in an urban environment: park maintenance, collection of public litter bins, birthdays, equi-coaching.

The well-being of Hyppy’s horses is at the centre of their concerns. Surrounded by numerous professionals (veterinarian, farrier, dentist, osteopath), they are attentive to every aspect necessary for the well-being of the horse. Hyppy has adopted a charter for the well-being of their horses. For example, the horses do not work for more than 6 hours a day with a minimum of 1.5 hours break between the two work sessions, handle loads adapted to their strength and have regular recovery time.

Societal impact

Hyppy’s business contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 “Quality Education” (4.7), and 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” (11.2; 11.6; 11.7.a).