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Imagine COOP

Imagine COOP is an accredited cooperative with a social purpose. It is the originator of “Imagine” magazine, a recognized pioneer in the slow press movement. For the past 27 years, this magazine has offered a bold, constructive and critical look at major social issues, whether in the environmental field, social inequalities, biodiversity, education, democracy or international solidarity. The cooperative’s ambition is to develop the Imagine Services Agency, which will offer training, content production and events.

In concrete terms, following its fund-raising, Imagine is committed to digitizing the Imagine media by setting up eco-responsible web platforms offering a variety of content, such as podcasts, online articles and videos. In addition, it plans to modernize the paper magazine by improving its design and moving to a quarterly publication with special issues. Imagine also plans to professionalize its management tools and strengthen its team by recruiting qualified personnel in the fields of management, development and social media management to ensure sustainable growth. Finally, the cooperative will move towards “La Menuiserie” ecosystem in 2024.