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Ma Ferme

Ma Ferme is a facilitator, an “incubator” for rural entrepreneurship. It will provide flexible infrastructures and a maximum of synergies to project leaders, self-employed people, non-profit organisations, SMEs in the process of creation or already mature, present on the site and throughout the region.

The projects that will be developed there will have a rural vocation. They will be part of the short circuit, respectful of the environment and the neighbourhood. The projects will encourage interaction between themselves and with their local activity sector. They will be on a human scale, without minimising their economic impact. In the long term, nearly 15 jobs could be created.

There will be market gardening, an orchard, a small inclusive school with active teaching methods, mushroom growing and nature stays offering everyone an opening onto autonomy, nature and doing things together… They would also like to see beehives, craftsmen, medicinal plants, artists, a canning factory, a bakery, a bar, a drying room for plants, goats and sheep… and anything else that future “Project Owners” with high human added value and social utility would like to do there. In short, a living, active, connected and welcoming place for all!

If certain projects require it, because their financial model or their functioning needs a large structure, the cooperative will be able to invest itself directly. This will typically be the case for vegetable gardening. The cooperative will therefore have several operational activities on the site itself. The operational model of Ma Ferme is based on 3 activities with strong interactions: a rural business incubator, partial land development and rural tourism. The complementarity of these activities is essential for financial balance.

The Courte-au-Bois farm is located between Enghien and Silly. It is nestled in a small valley bordered by the Marcq, a river that rises one kilometre upstream in the Bois d’Enghien-Silly. It is part of the hamlet of Labliau and is surrounded by 10 hectares of land available for the project.

Societal impact

Ma Ferme’s activity contributes to goals 2 “Zero Hunger” (2.3 & 2.4), 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth” (8.9), 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” (12.2) and 15 “Land Life” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.s Objectifs de Développement Durable des Nations unies.


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