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Novacitis, undertaking for a desirable economy !

Novacitis is a cooperative enterprise that creates projects and businesses that help accelerate the transition to a desirable economy and collective well-being. Novacitis is giving concrete expression to its action through its first project, La Menuiserie, with the acquisition and development of a real estate space that will be dedicated to boosting transitional entrepreneurial initiatives and sustainable and local citizen synergies. More than just a space, La Menuiserie will include a dynamic of emulation and interconnection with a programme of new activities including workshops and conferences.

La Menuiserie aims to offer a unique working environment to enable entrepreneurs and workers to anchor and deploy an energy of transition towards a desirable economy. La Menuiserie offers private, flexible and shared workspaces favourable to the development of its occupants and their professions. The dynamics of the site encourage opportunities to meet and emulate. The site will offer new programming to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and cooperative entrepreneurship.
Located on Rue de l’Académie 53 in 4000 Liège, the site is located on a block crossed by a pedestrian link developed by the City of Liège. It is composed of 2 buildings with a surface area of 2,000m² and will eventually offer a mix of spaces that meet various needs: office space (127 private and flex office spaces, a 30-seat coworking space), collective spaces (flexible common spaces, equipped meeting rooms), cafeteria space (beehive, convertible for events), professional space dedicated to short circuit and eco-responsible food processing, shared services, an outdoor esplanade decorated with an urban vegetable garden and soft mobility – Bicycle parking with lockers, showers

La Menuiserie will eventually become an autonomous commercial unit. The Novacitis cooperative will remain the long-term owner of the property, and will provide general services and rental management.


Societal impact

Novacitis’ activity contributes to Goal 9 “Industry, innovation and infrastructure” and Goal 17 “Partnerships for achieving the Goals” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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