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Polyperception aims to radically increase the percentage of household packaging waste recycling in Europe to make the circular economy a reality.

They use artificial intelligence (AI) and cameras to help recycling and waste sorting facilities optimise their performance. Better performance means they can sort waste more efficiently, and therefore achieve higher recycling rates and full traceability of their end-to-end process.

They install cameras and use their AI models to predict for each waste object its type, surface area and mass. They are able to identify each object to be recycled (blue bag) and manage to increase operational efficiency from 60% to over 95%.

Thanks to their unique process, their system can be upgraded quickly and with low-cost equipment and can be adapted very quickly to changes in waste, sorting decisions and new customers.

Their customers are recyclers, waste sorting facilities, waste authorities and FMCG brands. Launched in March 2021, the company currently has 4 paying customers in 3 countries (BE, CH and FR) and two industry partners (BE and NL). They are currently working on a partnership with a large public machine manufacturer that could strengthen their distribution and credibility.


Societal impact

Polyperception’s activity contributes to Goal 12 “Responsible consumption and production” (12.5 & 12.6) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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