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Citizenfund is a cooperative and impact investment fund that leverages collective intelligence to select the companies it finances.

Cooperative governance "1 person = 1 vote"

for investment decisions and internal governance.

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Join us in building the world of tomorrow.

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Submit your project to our selection committee and to the cooperators’ vote.

Our approach

  • Project encounter with the operational team. 
  • Presentation to the selection committee, consisting of 2 cooperative members, 2 experts, and 1 co-founder of Citizenfund. 
  • Presentation to all cooperative members during a constructive debate evening. 
  • Online voting by cooperative members for 10 days. 
  • Funding and support for entrepreneurs.

Our results

Our money has an impact. Through our everyday consumption choices, as well as in banking and investments.

We use finance as a virtuous tool to bring about the positive changes society needs.

By investing in our cooperative, you take back control of what your money finances and become a change maker. You invest in the real economy and support the development of companies that truly make the world a better place.


times more impact on reducing carbon footprint than some daily actions.


Maximum potential financial return.


All funded companies are still in operation.


Positive investment exit.

Social enterprises already financed


Urbike est une coopérative de cyclo-logistique qui assure 4 services complémentaires pour améliorer la qualité de vie en ville.

Happy Hours Market

Happy Hours Market est un réseau de distribution d'invendus alimentaires, à la moitié des prix d’origine pour les consommateurs et gratuitement pour les associations.

BC Materials

BC Materials transforme les terres d’excavation des chantiers en matériaux de construction durables et circulaires.


Coucou propose la location de tenues de soirée pour femmes, avec près de 800 tenues, accompagnées d’une offre d’accessoires.


CinéCité a créé le Kinograph, un cinéma coopératif où partager une expérience cinématographique et culturelle authentique.

Process and selection criteria



Does the project meet at least one of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals?



Is the way in which the project leader and his team want to achieve their objective compatible with our values?



Are the entrepreneur and his team sufficiently committed to their project?


Realisation Capacity

Do the entrepreneur and his team have what it takes to make their project a success?


Financial Plan

Is or will the project’s business model be at least self-supporting? Is the market for this product/service promising?

Citizenfund Belgique

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