😎 The Citizenfund Selection Committee is honoured to present 2 new social startups: Hyppy & Yuman.


Meet the entrepreneurs behind these 2 projects and ask them all your questions on Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 6pm. The presentations will be in French.

If we can, we will do the event in person (with transmission on Zoom at the same time). We are still waiting for the new guidelines for Brussels (from 1 October). In any case, the event will be available online: on Zoom and on our social networks.

At the end of the evening, Citizenfund’s cooperator-investors will have 10 days to vote for or against the funding of these 2 projects.

The evening is free and open to all.

Who is what?

🐮 Hyppy contributes to developing active school mobility for children and support for parents by offering a free school pick-up service by horse-drawn carriage.

♻ Yuman is a unique place in Brussels to do your responsible shopping in less than 2 hours.

💰 Citizenfund is a cooperative and impact investment fund where anyone can invest from €50 and where investors choose the projects the fund invests in.

Citizenfund has already financed 17 social enterprises: urbike, Incredible Company, Wilfried mag, CinĂ©CitĂ© – CoopĂ©rative et son Kinograph, Give a Day, Happy Hours Market, Waio.co (Slow-cosmetics), NewB, BC materials, Incofin cvso, Sonian Wood Coop, Entusia, Bulkbar, Novacitis, Coucou, BPart, and Ma Ferme