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Newsletter January 2021

Dear supporter of the Citizenfund,

We hope that this first month of 2021 has lived up to your expectations!

On our side, things are progressing well. Here is the latest news from our impact investment fund:

📈  At the end of January, we have reached a new level: our co-operators have invested more than €285,000 in our fund: €285,750 to be precise! And we are about to pass that of the 185 cooperators-investors. Will you be that person?

🕵️‍♀️ In February we are organising a new selection committee. We hope to present new projects quickly to our co-operators. In the meantime, if you are (or if you know) an expert in the distribution/wholesale of eco-responsible products and/or in corporate food, please contact us !

️🧠 We organised our Business Model workshop on 21 January, and have (really) made good progress on the subject! The solutions we found will be presented to the Board of Directors and then implemented. Thanks again to the participants for their valuable help!

🚀 On the side of the financed companies, it’s buzzing

🚴‍♂️ urbike is moving from the Kanaal Hangar to bigger, nicer and more pleasant premises. All this… by bike! Back in pictures.

🥕 The documentary “Transition d’énergies”, directed by Jean-Philippe Delobel and the non-profit organisation Clara, sets out to discover citizens and collectives in Walloon Brabant, including Incredible Company who have decided to get together and create links and projects in their neighbourhood, town or village.

📖 Wilfried‘s editor-in-chief, François Brabant, was one of the guests on the CQFD programme on the RTBF.

🤝 After the equivalent of 50 months of work (!), the Give a Day team is releasing its brand new matching and volunteer management platform with a thousand and one improvements and new features.

🎞️ Excellent news for the Kinograph of CinéCité : the See U temporal space in the former Ixelles barracks (and thus the Kinograph) is extended until the end of March 2022. But above all, the cinema and its activities will be perpetuated within the future Usquare.

🚚 15.865 kg of CO2 were saved in January thanks to Happy Hours Market customers ! The Happy Team also called upon 5 illustrators to produce collector cotton bags for their customers.

🏦 One year after officially becoming a bank, NewB is the Belgian bank with the best consumer image according to a mTopCompare survey.

🧱 BC Materials completed its public offering launched in September 2020. They raised 200.000 € and received support from the Foundation for Future Generations (and the Citizenfund, of course!).

🌳 La Libre talks about Sonian Wood Coop in its “Inspire” section. Find the article here.

🩲 Entusia, which has just completed its fundraising, wins its first international Seas2Grow award. In addition, Hans has closed an agreement with the Gaillard Groupto distribute Entusia’s anti-leakage underwear in France.


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🌐 What’s new in the ecosystem?

💻 The Kaya Coalition, of which we are a member, is signing a carte blanche on the place of digital in the recovery. Have you seen it ?

🌿 Yuman hires a digital marketer. You can find more details on the offer here.

🌱 Impact Valley  launches its second #HackCovid, an online hackathon to accelerate collaboration and resilience in Brussels. We look forward to seeing the results.


See you soon,
The Citizenfund Team

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