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✨ Our 2019 Annual Report is available

Find the key figures and highlights of 2019 in our annual report, available here.

In (very) brief, 2019 is :
? 130 cooperators-investors
? 131,750€ of assets under management
? 5 new social enterprises funded, bringing to 8 the number of projects funded since 2017.
? 3 project presentation evenings
? the launch of Solifin
? … and many other things!

? The Sophia Plan, a Transition Plan for Belgium

The Kaya Coalition, of which we are a member, worked hard with 105 scientists to design a Transition Plan for Belgium.

Together, we combined reflection and field experience to create a plan containing more than 200 measures in 15 areas. The objective? To start the transition to a sustainable economy immediately, to avoid new systemic crises that would be inevitable if the recovery were to take place in the same way.

The Sophia Plan was handed over to Sophie Wilmès and many regional minister-presidents, several cabinets and administrations! ?

? Find the entire Sophia Plan here



Since the beginning of (de)containment, many articles, appeals, personalities, experts, … call for a green and sustainable recovery, within the limits of the planet’s capacities.
Some of these decisions escape us, but we can still, at our level, participate in the transition to this society!

By investing from €250 in the Citizenfund, you can finance social enterprises that work for a more sustainable world.

The sustainable use of your money can have up to 27 times more impact than other gestures, such as eating local food, taking public transport or reducing your waste !

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