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Newsletter of February 2023

Dear Citizenfund supporter,


The month of February (without a supermarket or mineral tour) is already coming to an end. And our now traditional newsletter brings you the latest news on our activities and investments.

👋 2 new cooperators joined us in February.

🗳️ 2 votes are currently being held for our cooperators: the purchase of shares in Happy Hours Market nd a re-investment in Evazion. Voting closes on 5 March at 23:59.

🔎 We have organised 5 (!) selection committees, we will soon present you with potential new investments.

🦄 The play “Une Licorne dans la pièce” was replayed in small committee and in our presence at Quatre Quarts in Court-Saint-Etienne.

📽️ An incredible meeting with the youtuber Vinz Kanté. We advise you to visit his Youtube channel: Limit.


🌱 Portfolio news

🚴 Le Vif L’express stopped by urbike as part of a series of articles “Les Optimistes du Climat” to discuss the project, its genesis, the first results and the future.

🥕 Incredible Company was on TVCom for the launch of its new team and the renewal of the Incredible Academy.

📖 Belgium 2024, the end? That’s not the title of the next Wilfried, but of the conference they’re attending on 16 March.

🤝 Give a Day is recruiting 2 colleagues: a project manager and a web developer.

🚚 Happy Hours Market buys back the shares of its early investors! Have you already voted?

🏦 In a few weeks, NewB will officially become a banking and investment branch of vdk bank.

🧱 BC Materials launches a new product: the Chape-ter.

🌳 Sonian Wood Coop is on the cover of Ressources Naturelles Développement.

🩲 Entusia is considered one of the 5 trends and developments for health professionals in 2023.

🥜 Bulkbar welcomes a new intern in communication and digital marketing.

🏡 Novacitis closes a fundraising with F’in Common, Crédal, NewB and W.alter. We are precursors!

🚜 Ma Ferme is getting ready for spring and offers a guinguette and a fair.

🐴 Hyppy is relaunching its activities after the holidays of Germinal and Goliath.

♻️ Yuman has started the (circular!) work on his second shop, which will open soon in Etterbeek.

🪑 Relieve Furniture is considered the Tinder of office furniture by Le Soir. We hope that everyone will find something to suit their needs.

🏕️ Evazion suggests we reinvest in their slow tourism project. Have you already voted?


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The Citizenfund team