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Newsletter of January 2022

Dear Citizenfund supporters,


After a winter break, we are back!

In the last 2 months, 3 new cooperators have joined us and 3 have taken over shares; all for an additional €3,150.

In 2022, 28 new cooperators decided to join us, and 9 of you even decided to reinvest. We currently have the capacity to invest in about ten additional companies. We look forward to introducing you to some of them in the coming months!

In early January, we also signed the statutes of the new Citizenfund Charleroi Métropole. Official launch imminent 🚀

Let’s go 2023!

Citizenfund in the press:

Mediaplanet Belgique : « Opter pour des fonds d’investissement citoyens »

La Libre : « Urbike lève 1,1 million d’euros pour changer de braquet »

L’Echo : « Relieve Furniture veut réorienter les meubles de bureau gaspillés »

Citizenfund at the theatre with “A Unicorn in the Room”:

17/02/2022 at Quarte Quarts in Court-Saint-Etienne (almost SOLD OUT)

In March for the launch of Citizenfund Charleroi Métropole (date to come)

More dates.


🌱 Portfolio news

🚴 urbike has successfully closed its €1.1m fundraising round.

🥕 At Incredible Company, a new team is being put in place to breathe new life and fresh air into the cooperative.

📖 Wilfried releases his 21st issue: “The wind is rising” after the edition of his 2022 special issue “Taking the floor”.

🚚 Happy Hours Market reaches 25,000 customers and recruits some profiles: logistics operator, order operator, and developers.

🏦 After many twists and turns, NewB ‘s general meeting was held in January and the cooperators decided to join forces with VDK Bank.

🧱 New year at BC Materials means new partnerships, new products, new website, new award.

🚴🌳👨‍🌾🪑 urbike, Sonian Wood Coop, Linked.Farm and Relieve Furniture are winners of the BeCircular 2022.

🥜 Bulkbar offers a retrospective of its year 2022: new employees, new customers, new territories, and new formats.

🏡 Work on the Menuiserie of Novacitis is progressing well, with the opening getting closer!

🚜 Ma Ferme, Act II: the cooperative raises an additional €200,000 to help strengthen food security, biodiversity and life in our countryside.

🐴 Another retrospective, in pictures this time, for Hyppy.

♻️ Yuman opens its second shop in Etterbeek and is looking for a shop manager.

🏕️ Evazion’s activities are taking off, we’ll tell you about it soon!

🤖 PolyPerception develops a partnership with TOMRA Recycling, a leader in the sorting technology sector.

🚴 Hooba signs a contract with CHU Saint Pierre so that their employees can cycle between their different sites and joins Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles.

👶 Snappies washed more than 102,000 nappies in 2022, representing around 15 tons of waste avoided.


“Almost 50% of funds that present themselves as highly sustainable in Belgium also invest in polluting companies.” 🤥

Source : Trends Tendance.

Only one solution: choose yourself what your money finances within the funds

🤓 Some interesting information

  • A TED Talk on the impact of your money, by Diane Delava of Solifin;
  • An investigation by Disclose on the link between banks and deforestation;
  • Another investigation by Cash Investigation on green funds.

Don’t lose hope when reading this, there are solutions, including us, and these solutions are becoming more and more numerous. Listen for example to the podcast Soif de Sens on solidarity finance.


See you soon,


The Citizenfund Team