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Newsletter of November 2022

Dear Citizenfund supporter,


5 years after starting Citizenfund, we met again to celebrate with the play “A Unicorn in the Room”.

There were 120 of you and the evening was a real success, thanks again!  Back in pictures.

We took the opportunity to launch our communication campaign around our goal for 2022: to raise an additional €50,000 in our fund, to enable us to finance 8 additional companies in 2023.


6 of you have already joined us, and 5 cooperators have decided to reinvest 😍 Only 32.900 € left to go!


Talk about our campaign around you, 45% of new cooperators join us thanks to word of mouth!

For example, you can share the “Good Business : Citizenfund” video created by Azimut.


🗓️ Agenda

30/11 : Impact Day : Place based impact investing” conference (11am) and “Retail Investment Opportunities Pitch” (4pm)

30-11-02/12 : Stand at the Impact Week

01/12 : Alter&Talk 2 : towards solidarity finance

At your convenience: Q&A session on Citizenfund.


🌱 News from our participations

🚴 urbike is still in the middle of a public offering: they have already raised €450,000 from 449 cooperators and are still looking for €200,000.

🥕 Incredible Company has dismantled its greenhouse for the winter.

🤝 Give a Day launches the National Citizen and Engagement Survey with BPact, and Indiville and with the support of Bpart and financial support from the National Lottery and the King Baudouin Foundation. Have your say !

🚚 Happy Hours Market is in Trends Tendance to talk about its anti-waste mission and is a finalist in the Trends Impact Awards.

💄 Slow-Cosmetics, which again featured in the 2022 mapping of social and environmental impact startups, launches its Christmas box for your business.

🏦 What a twist at NewB. 3 days before their general meeting, they announce a partnership with the sustainable bank VDK. Their meeting was consequently suspended by a court decision.

🧱 Anton Maertens, business developer at BC Materials, publishes a carte blanche on Construire la Wallonie, the platform for building.

🌳 Sonian Wood Coop received a visit from the king in its workshops!

🩲 Hans presented Entusia at a Parkinson’s disease event and was a great success there.

🥜 Bulkbar, who regaled you with the aperitif at our annif party, is launching a new range for small and medium sized businesses: the Bulkbottles.

🏡 Novacitis was on LN24 ‘s Mag Immo (31’) and was also selected by the Fonds ING for its green façade project.

🐴 While Hyppy‘s horses are on holiday, the human teams are busy making 2023 a success.

♻️ Yuman was nominated for the Comeos Mercury 2022 award for retail innovation. They came 3rd… behind Decathlon and Colruyt!

🪑 Relieve Furniture has hired a new IT developer. Their platform should evolve further in December.

🏕️ This summer, Evazion sold 91 trips for a total of 371 nights. And this winter they are offering Christmas packs for 3, 6 or 9 nights on exceptional pitches.

🚴 Hooba, which we just funded, was invited to a Brussels event around e-mobility.


It’s better to eat at McDO and invest your money wisely than to be vegan, zero waste, and ride a bike but have your money in a climaticide bank” 💥

From the Soif de Sens podcast about why your money pollutes.

>> Invest your money whisely (and keep riding your bike) <<


🤓 Some interesting information

  • Citizenfund is mentioned twice in two different articles about impact finance: as the initiator of Solifin (organiser of  Impact Day) and as an example of a real boost for startups.
  • An article from Stanford explains well the difference between impact investing and ESG.
  • The ECB believes that financial institutions in the eurozone are significantly underestimating the risks associated with climate change (Trends Tendance).

The summary of these three pieces of information? Investing in Citizenfund is investing in a desirable future because the entrepreneurs we finance put impact at the heart of their strategy. I rest my case 🙂


See you soon,


The Citizenfund team