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Newsletter March 2022

Dear Citizenfund supporter,


Get out your diaries, we have a lot of information for you:

⚠️🗓️ Meet 2 new projects for funding on 25 April at 6pm: Linked.Farm & Relieve Furniture. Info & registration on this page. The evening is free and open to all. Come, it will be an opportunity to understand how we work! Add to Calendar

⚠️🗓️ We are celebrating our 5th anniversary at our General Assembly on 16 May at 6pm. Save the date already, more info will follow! Add to Calendar

If you have written everything down, you can put your diaries away 🙂


What more can we tell ?

💰We have passed the half million mark in investment by cooperators, with €502,750 to be exact! Long live word-of-mouth!

📺 We appeared on BX1 alongside, MiiMOSA and Yuman to discuss new citizen finance initiatives.

📚 We were at the Festival Cap Transition in Louvain-la-Neuve.

💼 We also participated in the 1819.Brussels Funding Week..

🗓️ We will participate in the Mind&Market fair in Louvain-la-Neuve on 26 April.

🌱 News from our funded companies

🚴urbike is moving to the former STIB workshops in Saint Gilles. In addition, they have already raised 283.000 € for their new public offering.

📖 You saved Wilfried ! They are now looking for an administrative manager..

🤝 Give a Day is part of ‘s launch in Rochefort to accelerate its transition. They are also part of the 10 Radicale Vernieuwer of 2022.

🚚 Happy Hours Market turned 3 this month. That’s >250 tonnes of food saved from the bins, which equates to 680,331 products revalorised and 625,335 kg of CO2 saved.

🏦 NewB makes an appearance in the Scan des Banques, which assesses the sustainability performance of banks.

🧱 BC Materials won a silver medal at the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment and is looking for an office manager.

💰 Loïc De Canniere, Chair of Incofin, spoke about SRI investments, impact investing and Incofin cvso at the Scout en Bourse investor forum.

🌳 Sonian Wood Coop is finishing its top secret bistro table project, using wood from the Royal Park in Brussels.

🩲 Go behind the scenes of Entusia’s corporate video, which will be broadcast on RTL Z’s How It’s Done in April.

🥜 Bulkbar dispensers are also available at The Gradient building.

🏡 Pre-rentals at La Menuiserie are open!

👗 Coucou is looking for one-day models for their 2nd photo shoot.

🚜 L’Echo did an article on Ma Ferme and their upcoming fundraising.

🐴 Hyppy is starting up again after the winter and is looking for an administrative and commercial coordinator.

♻️ Yuman is looking for a customer advisor for circular solutions.


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💡 Some interesting information

🌍 “Belgians live beyond their ecological means” : If everyone on the planet lived like the Belgians, we would have already reached the limits of the Earth’s biocapacity on 26 March (the famous Earth Overshoot Day)… As a result, when asked “How much of the portfolio should be allocated to sustainability?”, one would like to answer “100%”!

🔭 The new IPCC report (the 2nd of 3) is out. Find a summary on BonPote.

📈 To end on a good note, “The circular economy is growing twice as fast as the average”.


See you soon,


The Citizenfund Team