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Entusia wants to give back the quality of life to people who suffer from urinal losses. But especially, Entusia wants to stimulate self-esteem, dignity and autonomy. Finally, Entusia hopes to break the taboo thanks to its ambassadors and experts informing the patients.

Entusia is offering underwear that are sexy, qualitative and washable. The underwear is made with a new kind of fibre, which provides an improved absorption. Each slip contains a thin pad which is incorporated into the slip. This pad absorbs urine very quickly, while odours are immediately neutralized thanks to its (3-layers system) antibacterial treatment. The pad is integrated into the slip so it stays in place and cannot move like a normal pad. The underwear of Entusia are washable and therefore reusable. The antibacterial treatment of the pad reduces the risk of infections and neutralizes odours. Entusia works with the university of Gent to test the antimicrobial action and the washing durability of its products.

Entusia wants to become the reference of the reusable incontinence products in Europe. In the next 3 years, Entusia aims to become the preferred solution for light and moderate urine leakages and to be recommended by specialists and specialist shops. They hope to become the biggest player of reusable incontinence products within the B2B sector in Belgium. In the longer term (5 years), Entusia wants to develop its maket in other European countries such as Germany and France.

Entusia already sells its underwears in 215 pharmacies and health shops and has some agreements with some senior group and distribution channels. For example, Entusia has concluded an agreement with the distributor Metra for the distribution of their products in Belgium and responded to many call for tenders.

Societal impact

Entusias’ activity contributes to objectives 3 “Good health and Well-being” and 12 “Responsible consumption and production” of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals