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Urbike is a cyclo-logistics cooperative that provides 4 complementary services to improve the quality of life in cities: delivery, advice, training and equipment sales.

Created in 2018 and following an initial public offering, urbike is starting its BCklet project, a pilot project for last mile distribution by bike. The project is supported by the Brussels Region and carried out in partnership with Smart, VUB (MOBI), USL-B and Febecoop, as well as with renowned clients such as bpost, CSD, Delhaize and MultiPharma.

In 2019, after a successful pilot project, urbike will launch its first official bicycle deliveries and hire its first employee. Urbike is the winner of numerous prizes and awards (Bike Brussels Award 2018, SE’nSE Fund 2018, Transport & Logistics Award 2020, Brussels Social Economy Award 2020, Ashoka Impact Program 2022, Hub Awards 2022), launches numerous projects (Cairgo Bike, CityLine, launch of deliveries in Antwerp and Ghent) and models the city, notably with the adaptation of the highway code at federal level in favour of cyclo-logistics.
In 4 years of activity, urbike has delivered more than 200,000 parcels, travelled 150,000 km, avoided 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions, has 332 cooperators and 40 employees (26 full-time equivalents).

The urbike team is made up of 49% employees, 34% workers via Smart (Smart is a shared company that allows people to develop their activities and work autonomously within the secure framework of employee status), 8% students and 9% partners. It should be noted that in terms of time worked, employees represent approximately 75% of the total volume. urbike employees have access to shares in the cooperative which are reserved for them, and actively participate in the development of the company’s governance.


Societal impact

urbike’s activity contributes to goal 8 “Decent work and economic growth” (8.5), and goal 11 “Sustainable cities and communities” (11.6) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.