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Waio wants to facilitate the transition to a circular and sustainable economy with the widest possible catalogue of eco-responsible, sustainable and ethical products online, accessible at all times and delivered to you.

Human activity in recent decades has undeniably damaged the health of our ecosystem and its inhabitants. The footprint of our product use, consumption and manufacturing is directly pointed out. The mass production of material goods is one of the most important contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, the deterioration of working conditions for some workers and the production of polluting and harmful products for health and biodiversity. The situation is not very encouraging, we grant you that, but things are changing and more and more change agents are setting up initiatives to reduce or improve this footprint.

Some have also undertaken to create and market products that:

  • have a smaller ecological footprint on the environment by limiting CO2 emissions, promoting circular and local economies;
  • guarantee dignified and properly remunerated working conditions;
  • limit exposure to toxic products.

Waio was born from the desire to encourage these change actors by bringing them together on a single platform. In June 2021, Waio took over the management of Slow Cosmetics and switched its entire business to it.

Waio’s mission is to accelerate the transition to an eco-responsible and ethical way of consumption and produc tion. We want to facilitate the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable society by offering the widest possible catalogue of items, accessible at all times and delivered to you.

Societal impact

Waio’s activity contributes to objective 12 “Responsible consumption and production” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.